The pre-school actually started as a possibility for the unmarried mothers who studied a profession at the centre Keur Mame Fatim Konté. Around a dozen children and babies were looked after, so their mothers were free to learn a profession.

The need soon became evident for an affordable pre-school for the 3 to 6 year old children of the quarters surrounding the centre. While pre-school is not an obligatory part of the Senegalese school system, it is undoubtedly an advantage when starting school education.

Today, around 100 children frequent three classes in which they are well prepared for school.


The curriculum of the pre-school follows the regulations of the state of Senegal.

The children playfully develop cognitive and motor skills. They start to learn French and at a later stage alphabetization and counting.

But they also find space to play, indoor and outdoor, and enjoy the possibility to develop their creativity. Excursions are organized to discover historic or natural landmarks in and around Saint-Louis. They celebrate holidays together such as carnival and christmas.

They also receive snacks during a morning break and this has been a successful means to fight malnutrition. In case, they need medical care this is also provided.

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