Our Partners

The centre Keur Mame Fatim Konté manages to provide around 30 per cent of the needed funding by its own fundraising, mainly through the inscription and monthly fees, but also by other activities such as room rentals and other services. However, the centre needs partners to finance the purchase of training material and salaries of the staff.

help alliance

The aid organization of Lufthansa German Airlines has been at the side of this project for almost 20 years and is the biggest donor.

GIZ - Reussir au Senegal

The programme of the Senegalo-German cooperation to prevent clandestine migration has used the centre to provide training offers to the youth of the region.

Open arms

Open Arms

The Spanish aid organization has been very active in rescuing refugees from sea. Recently, they have started programmes to help people in the origin countries such as Senegal.


The German association has been very active in projects for children in the Amazonas region in Brasil, but has recently moved their focus also to Africa.


The Senegalese NGO aims at reducing clandestine migration and is partner of the CCCD programme offered by Open Arms.

Counsil of Leona

All activities of the centre are in accordance with the council of Leona and the council takes responsibility for the outreach programmes that are organized in cooperation with the centre

Saint-Louis Assistance Médicale

The association of young medical staff works to improve the population's health state through information campaigns and free consultations.

Terres rouges

terres rouges

Terres Rouges Senegal is an association working within the city of Saint-Louis on several levels: a mobile team that maintains partnerships with local structures, a drop-in centre and more recently, a youth centre that offers guidance and psychological support to children and young people.

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